Shane Daugherty

Software Engineer

Hey there, Hungry Humans!

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Shane Daugherty, eater of all things delicious and writer of all things edible. I've been a globetrotting digital nomad for some time now, which basically means two things: my office changes as often as my socks, and I'm always on the hunt for my next meal. This got me thinking, why not put my endless pursuit of tasty treasures to good use? And so, ForkingFeedMe.com was born.

"But Shane," I hear you ask, "why the forking interesting name?" Well, dear reader, because aren't we all just looking to be perpetually spoon-fed delightful food? Plus, it's funny, and that's how I like to roll.

ForkingFeedMe is more than a simple food blog. It's your comprehensive guide to the gastronomic galaxy of food establishments. Whether it's the best BBQ joint in Texas or a hidden gelato gem in the streets of Rome, I've got you covered.

You see, as a fan of all foods, I believe that every dish, diner, or delectable dessert has a story to tell, and boy, am I here to tell it. I’ll be serving up generous portions of humorous and casual reviews twice a week. From local food trucks to that swanky new sushi place downtown, nothing is off the table, so long as it’s edible.

Want to know more than just how scrumptious the food is? You're in luck! On ForkingFeedMe, we'll dive into a bit of food culture and history, too. Because who doesn't love a good side of trivia with their main course?

But enough about me. This journey is about you, me, and the endless quest to fill our bellies with the best food out there. So, buckle up, grab a napkin, and get ready to join me on this forking amazing food adventure.

Oh, and if you've got a restaurant you're curious about or just want to drop a line, don't hesitate to leave a comment. This is a judgment-free zone unless we're talking about overcooked steaks.