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Noi Thai: A Culinary Journey Across Thailand's Finest

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    Shane Daugherty

Noi Thai: Redefining High-End Thai Cuisine

With locations in Honolulu, Hawaii, Bend, Oregon, and two in Seattle, Washington, Noi Thai epitomizes the zenith of Thai fine dining. We had the privilege of dining at their Downtown Seattle location, which, like its sister locations, brilliantly marries traditional Thai recipes with modern culinary flair, ensuring every visit is a luxurious culinary expedition.

Khao Soi Curry: Northern Thailand's Best Kept Secret

Khao Soi Curry

The recently added Khao Soi Curry reaffirms Noi Thai's dedication to authentic Thai flavors. Originating from Northern Thailand, this dish presents a flavorful amalgamation of creamy curry broth, succulent meat, and crispy noodles. Its burgeoning popularity is a testament to the allure of its rich heritage and vibrant Thai essence.

Pumpkin Curry: A Fall-Time Favorite

Pumpkin Curry with Chicken

The Pumpkin Curry with Chicken is an elegant blend of the pumpkin's earthy sweetness juxtaposed against spicy undertones. It's not merely a dish but an experience – a culinary masterpiece that dances on your palate.

A Culinary Experience Elevated

The charm of Noi Thai extends beyond its dishes. Each of their establishments is meticulously designed to augment the opulence of their offerings. In this tranquil ambiance, guests are not just served food but are gifted memories that linger.

In its essence, Noi Thai isn't just about Thai cuisine; it's about redefining it. Whether you're well-acquainted with Thai flavors or a newcomer, Noi Thai guarantees a gastronomic journey that's both genuine and groundbreaking.

What People Are Saying In Google Reviews

Alvina Waseem

Alvina Waseem

September 24, 2023

I enjoyed the food I had at Noi. I got the salmon garlic fried rice and the garlic crispy chicken. Both were delicious, but especially the fried rice. The salmon was very dry though and left a lot to be desired. I also didn't realize the salmon would come fried. Chicken was pretty tasty. Quantity was pretty good, but price was a little high so it makes sense. Definitely recommend eating family style. Two dishes is good for 3 people imo since my friend and I both had leftovers. My individual total was $33.80 after tip and tax which is more than I would have liked to pay, so I probably wouldn't come back since I don't think the value was there. Definitely ask for spicy sauce if you're into that, they brought out a super nice display of four different sauces/seasonings.

siddanth rai

siddanth rai

October 28, 2023

Veg food was good, non-veg food was decent. Ambiance is amazing. Might require reservations. Staff is friendly and sweet. Service is very quick. They do serve alcohol. Parking could be an issue since it’s located in downtown.

Ibrahim Saifullah

Ibrahim Saifullah

August 4, 2023

One of the best places I've ever been. The Crispy Garlic Chicken is so good. The Mango Sticky Rice changed my life though. The combination of cool mango with the warm rice... The perfect texture and great flavor of the mango. I actually appreciated the presentation on it too which usually I don't care. That dish is quite the dish and I will never forget it. Overall this place has amazing Thai food. Combine that with solid prices, the nice ambiance, and very cool location, this was an unforgettable experience.

Getting There

Stay hungry, my friends, and remember: life's too short for bad food,

Shane Daugherty